Joining the Westside Amateur Radio Club in Los Angeles

Nov 17, 2019

I moved from Santa Cruz to Venice, California, in October.

Today I'm sending my membership application to the Westside Amateur Radio Club (WARC), where I'm hoping to make contacts to continue learning.

I still haven't been on the air, and my handheld is still programmed with only the Santa Cruz area frequencies. That programming was done by Bob Fike KO6XX, one of the Santa Cruz area Elmers. I haven't even tried to use the software I bought to learn how to do it myself. I need to do that and find out if WARC can provide a spreadsheet with the L.A. area frequencies.

In a few weeks, I'm traveling to Santa Rosa to visit family. Along the way, I'll be camping at Pinnacles National Monument the day before a Santa Cruz County Cycling Club ride from Paicines to Mercey Hot Springs via Panoche Road. There's no cell coverage at Pinnacles or along Panoche Road, so it'd be nice to figure out how to program my HT for the repeaters in the area. I have the Repeater Book app installed on my phone, and it works off-line, so theoretically I have everything I need to stay connected when camping and even on rides, if I carry the radio. I just need to take the time to learn how to do it.

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