Planning to Create a Mobile Station

Jun 27, 2019

Today I signed up for the Internet Archive's DWeb Camp, a retreat coming up July 18-21 for people like me "who want to create a Web that is more open, private, secure and fun." (That is, a web that resists the damage done to culture by big tech and especially the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.)

I'm planning to take my VW Camper, and I may try to show up Monday, July 15, to volunteer to help build the camp.

DWeb Camp takes place up the coast near Gazos Creek, in an area where there's no cell service. So naturally I want to set up a mobile station while I'm there. The event invites everyone to demonstrate the projects we're working on. I'm hoping the Westy will have a web server running. But how much fun would it be to also demonstrate amateur radio?

I guess that means I should go ahead and get the antenna, cable, and mount for the Westy, and practice getting on the air before I go.

I think it'll be a lot of fun!

(I'm riding the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge that Saturday, July 20. So I'll miss that day of DWeb Camp. But I want to be there, to do what I can to make the internet a better place.)

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